Veracity Press is a digital publishing house. We are an open space for #left and #anarchist perspectives and home of Reed Review, Open Left Library, and The Keller Center.

As part of Veracity Press, we are working on Reed Review, an online publication dedicated to John Reed, Open Left Library, an electronic collection of writings from the left, and The Keller Center, an online education project dedicated to Hellen Keller.

Reed Review will feature regular essays from academics and non-academics on some of the most pressing issues of our time as well as shine a light on the daily struggle and those organizing against and fighting the #capitalist system.

The Keller Center will offer free education to the public (college-level rigorous courses that are self-paced and open for enrollment). Our goal is to ensure that there are alternatives to corporatized educational institutions.

Launching soon on all fronts.

¡No pasarán!